Subject code: BMETE14AX03 – English course

Physics 1 Mechanics

Lectures: 2 hours weekly

Credits: 3


Responsible for the subject: Prof.  Zoltán  Noszticzius, Department of Physics

Lecturer: Dr.Ferenc Márkus, Department of Physics


Preliminary studies:
vector calculus, differential and integral calculus, basis of the ordinary differential equations.


Compulsory/recommended studies:
Compulsory: Mathematics A1


Detailed topics:


Introduction. Models, theories and laws. Units, standards, SI system. Reference frames. Coordinate systems. Vectors and scalars. Kinematics: speed, displacement, average velocity, instantaneous velocity, acceleration. Uniform motion, uniformly accelerated motion, falling bodies projectile motion. Circular motions. Dynamics: interactions, force, Newton’s laws of motion, mass. Applications of Newton’s laws. Gravitation and Newton’s synthesis. Weight and weightlessness. Kepler’s laws. Work and energy. Work-energy theorem. Translational energy. Conservative forces. Potential energy. Mechanical energy and its conservation. Non-conservative forces. Law of energy conservation. Linear momentum and its relation to force. Conservation of the linear momentum. Many bodies problem. Center of mass. Conservation of momentum and the energy in collisions. Oscillations. Simple harmonic motion. Damped harmonic motion. Forced vibrations. Resonance. Simple pendulum. Rotational motion. Angular quantities. Moment of the force: torque. Angular momentum. Conservation of angular momentum. Rotational dynamics. Rigid bodies. Angular momentum and torque for a rigid body. Moment of inertia. Elasticity and elastic moduli. Stress and strain. Fluids at rest. Pressure. Pascal’s principle. Fluids in gravitational field. Archimedes’ principle. Characteristics of flow. Flow rate and equations of continuity. Laminar flow. Bernoulli’s equation. Viscosity. Turbulent flow. Drag force. Dynamical lift.



Compulsory of the presence, compulsory for the signature: at least 70% presence on the lectures.


Exam: oral exam; working out the answers for two summarizing questions from the list of themes.


Consultations: 14-16 on Tuesdays (in Semester 2007/2008 spring)


Literature: Douglas C. Giancoli: Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Prentice-Hall International Editions).

Last modification of the subject program: 11 May 2007.