Curriculum Vitae

Born in Budapest, 1962.


1984 BSc in chemistry,
1986 MSc in bioengineering at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest,
1990 MSc in Mathematical modelling at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest.
1990 dr. univ.,
1998 PhD in chemistry.


Employed at the Department of Chemical Physics (Institute of Physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
1986-1989 TMB fellow,
1989-1998 engineer,
1998-2001 senior research scientist,
2001- associate professor.
1998-2001 Bolyai fellowship.


Physics courses for students of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, leader of the Physical laboratory.


Nonlinear dynamics in chemistry: oscillating reactions, chemical waves, electrolyte diode systems.
25 publications, ~150 independent citations.


BUTE Dept. Chemical Physics, H-1521 Budapest POB 91
Tel: +36-1-463-1897, -1450, -1483
Fax: +36-1-463-1896